Get Happy: Self Care After Being Sexually Abused

Get Happy. My new Bath and Body Works Lotion and Body Spray set.

Even nearly 9 years later I am still learning how to love my body after it betrayed me. I’m slowly realizing that it wasn’t my body that betrayed me but my abuser.

I’m slowly learning to love my body just the way it is.

Learning to appreciate and and love my scars. As they are reminders of how hard I fought* (I, in no way, encourage self harm, ever.)

Learning to accept and love all my curves and imperfections.

Learning to eat better, and take care of brushing my teeth and washing my hair.

But, mostly, learning to be comfortable naked in my own skin. Being OK with trying to love it and find what was lost so long ago.

Being able to take a bubble bath with candles just because I can and I deserve to!

Reclaiming your body after rape/sexual assault can seem near impossible, but nothing has stopped me yet.

I am capable of love, of loving and being loved in return. I am capable of being sexy and not feeling dirty.

I am a work in progress. Tonight, I’m Getting Happy with my bubbles, lotion, spray and candles.

Tonight, I’m going to love the heck out of my sexy self. I’m perfectly flawed!

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