5 Things I Enjoy Collecting

I think we all have things we tend to collect and I wanted to do a short blog on mine!

•American Girl Dolls – ever since I was a kid I loved the books. We couldn’t afford the dolls growing up, but once I got old enough I could buy my own.

•Tinkerbell – I used to be Tinkerbell obsessed and then I was raped and I couldn’t bear it. This past year I reported my rape and in doing so I decided to take Tinkerbell back.. I’ve been slowly starting to re-collect Tinkerbell related stuff.

•Mandie Books – I grew up reading the Mandie books by Lois Gladys Leppard and I’ve recently re-found my inner Mandie child as well.. thus starting my collecting of the books.

•Butterflies – I collect all things Butterflies. It’s my healing symbol.

•Reba. I still have quite a few Reba things in my collection.


What do YOU enjoy collecting?


  1. I collect:
    • AG Dolls – Started reading the books in about 1st grade. It gave me my love of history. I’m currently collecting dolls from all my favorite historical periods. Also, I will never forget Loose Tooth Tea because Meet Felicity was my introduction to the wonderful world of American Girl. P.S. History Mysteries are also amazing! And Dear America, which isn’t through AG, but similar.
    • Mandie books – same as yours, obviously. I was introduced to them in 3rd grade and was addicted to them through about 9th grade. I recently (around the holidays) found them again.
    • Mugs (preferably seasonal or history related)
    • YA Historical Fiction (Great Depression & WWII – starting to collect WWI)
    • AG Doll Clothes – AG and homemade

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  2. Things I collect:

    1. “Witches Glass” (glass that’s been smoothed out over time from the waves of Lake Superior) – I used to spend hour on the beach and at my family’s camp on Lake Superior looking for witches glass. I still have my collection even though it’s been a long time since adding to it.

    2. Bald Eagles – I’ve always been intrigued with bald eagles, but it became stronger after looking my aunt passed away in 2002. She loved bald eagles and every time my family sees a bald eagle we say it’s my aunt checking in on us.

    3. Winnie the Pooh – I’m a bit obsessed with Winnie the Pooh. I own 4 stuffed Pooh Bears, one of which was actually given to me by Katie in, if I’m remembering correctly, 2007 (thank you so much, even all these years later)!

    4. Photos – I’m an avid photographer (when I actually have a working camera) & love having photos because sometimes they’re the only things that you can use to go back to a memory of a special time, place, or person.

    5. DVDs & Blu-ray movies – I love movies! I don’t always have time to sit down & watch a movie, but when I do it’s normally relaxing. Sometimes when I’m sad but can’t get myself to cry I’ll purposely put a sad movie on. There’s a few that are major favorites for me, but pretty much anything Disney is safe with me!

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