HargiHero’s Story

*Trigger Warning*

It was 2003 I had lost my husband of 12 years to SLE Lupus. A few months later I was so depressed I went outside of my apt. I had a few drinks. I was crying when a man came up to me asked if I was ok. I told him about my husband. He seemed nice. He told me comforting words about God being there for me and my husband was watching over me. I was feeling dizzy and the man said maybe if you walk a little. So I walked around thw building and a car pulled up and he grabbed me and shoved me in the car. It was the worst night of my life. I was sexually assaulted by two men. I woke up in a parking lot. I went to hospital and had rape kit and for that year nothing came of my case it was closed not enough evidence. lot of counseling. Then In 2004 I was getting gas, a man came up behind me with a gun and got me in my car. It was 1 of the men who raped me the year before. He had me drive to the mountains and raped me again I froze and just laid there. A car came and he left me there I got up and found my car still there. Scared to go home I drove to Hotel and called for help. I drove to hospital had another rape kit. Again no case not enough evidence I was told. I have tried to get answers and gave up. Years passed. I started watching Law and Order SVU and then I heard about Joyful Heart Foundation founded by Mariska Hargitay, and then started reading on the website about the Rape Kit Backlog and Mariska talking to Congress. I decided to do research on the Backlog in my city. I found out it was over 5000 kits not tested. I decided to find out if my kits were tested. Dead end no one returned calls. So I gave up depressed that no one cared. Then I decided I would like to help so I contacted JHF and started a fundraising page. Then got good response and alot of other survivors told me their stories. I decided to contact Mayor, senators ,etc. Then I read about Tim Keller our state auditor fighting for funding to get Rape Kits tested. I finally got response from senator asking if he could help. I gave him info and finally got answers. Rape kit 2003 tested no DNA evidence, but 2004 Rape Kit in the backlog never tested and case never worked. So I got help and finally got answer from Sex Crimes that my kit is now being tested now just waiting game in hoping I will finally have an answer. It is 14 years in waiting

It should never have happened to me or any survivor to have your pain and suffering put on a shelf in a box and forgotten. I went through 5 hours of the pain of the exam after brutal assault .No survivor should ever go through that and to not test for DNA says rapists does what he wants and goes free. Now I finally feel I matter. I have a long way to go emotionally but in counseling every month and learning to have hope again. I will still be advocating to help JHF they gave me the tools to fight and strength to End the Backlog. I am greatful to all who helped me find my life and my heart again. Here is my page, please help survivors like me and donate anything you can.