Burned Out So It’s Time For a Time Out

I met with my psych NP today and realized how much of a time out I need. The past 5 months have been nothing but one thing after another and I’m exhausted, irritated and my all around health is being affected.

I’m realizing how much of a loss losing my advocate was. We went through so much together and it’s been so hard not having her to talk to. So I’ve let everything bottle up instead of talking about what’s bothering me.

I have to make a change. I can’t let my mental health get any worse.

Starting today I have offloaded most social media apps off my phone. I need the break and if it’s not literally at my finger tips, I won’t be constantly clicking on things I really don’t need to read.

I also have plans to spend more time letting things out/go. This could be in a few forms… blogging, video blogging and reaching out to new (and old) supports… letting them in.

I will also be starting yet ANOTHER medication change. This time from seroquel to abilify!

I’m burned out so it’s time for a time out. I’m no good to anyone right now!

Remember… you can’t give from an empty cup. Take care of yourselves!!


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