Things That Excite Me

My friend is always radiating her energy and it rubs off on me ever so positively so I am going to make a blog about things that excite me and I encourage you to do it as well.

SVU being renewed for another season. I’ll admit the past few seasons, I haven’t really watched it or enjoyed it as I once did. But, I am excited that I have a chance to get excited about this again! tumblr_mdo2q5BYZD1qdosh5o2_250 And yes, anything Reba excites me (Just like Mariska!)

My tv shows excite me. Monk. Gilmore Girls. Reba. SVU. American Horror Story.

Spreading awareness and ending the stigma on sexual assault and mental illness excites me. And being able to tell my story and reclaim my life excites me!

AND THIS PICTURE HERE WILL ALWAYS EXCITE ME. Being fearless and living for the moment and my dear sister-in-law helps bring it out in me. I hope for many more opportunities to be free and fearless! img_6838

Other things that excite me… My husband, my cats, my books, my jobs, my candles, my self care. Life in general. Now that I am taking my life back I am starting to discover how AMAZING IT IS! Live for the moment, and create many more wonderful moments.

What excites you?!





  1. YES, I am excited about my volunteer work in raising mental health awareness and reducing the stigma. I’ excited of being a part of co-producing and facilitating an very needed support group for people recovering from Eating disorders. I am also getting married in June. Thanks for sharing your post, I feel much more positive.


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