Coffee and Random Thoughts

Hello followers! I’m enjoying some coffee and thought now is a good time to sit and write a new post. I’m really trying to be more active with posting as writing truly does help me sort through my thoughts and feelings. And I’ve certainly had quite a few recently!

My cat wasn’t himself last week and that always triggers lots of anxiety in this momma! Thankfully he seems to be doing better.

Last week I was triggered pretty bad in my support group. We were talking about healthy sex/intimacy and all that. For those who don’t know I was raped as a virgin and it’s been a long long road to recovery. To finding out who I am sexually, to figuring out how sex is meant to be, etc etc etc. Feeling sexy and being okay with it will always be a struggle because of one jerk.

I’m also wondering if my blog has run its course. I will always keep it going because they is how I heal. How I grow. How I process my thoughts. Becoming Katie Butterfly was born so that others going through similar situations could have a safe place to share their voice or to just read that they are not alone. My question just is… am I helping anyone? Is this blog what I intended it to be? And I guess I can answer my own question… if this blog helps or has helped even one person to know they aren’t alone… then yes it’s worth it!

Well, guys, thanks for putting up with my random thoughts!

Love and light sent to all who is reading this! -KatieButterfly

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