You Can Thrive and Still Not Be Over It

I was doing a work out on the treadmill tonight. I was listening to some of my power anthems and feeling all sorts of feelings, when it hit me…

I can thrive and still not be over what happened to me.

Here’s the hard truth, at least my hard truth! I’ve been working years on my healing with the mindset that some day it will all be behind me. If I work hard enough I’ll be over it.

I’ve been growing my wings and learning to fly all while teetering between my perception of survivor and thriver.

It’s just now hitting me, I mean really hitting me, that I’ve been thriving for awhile now. The thriver arena I’ve been working towards isn’t some big breakthrough I have to have in order to enter it. No, it’s really quite simple. Thriving = growth and progress.

Every single one of my triumphs I’ve experienced in the past year or so is an example of my thriving.

Here’s the other hard truth, my hard truth… I can thrive and still not be over what happened. I will never ever be over it. I can thrive and use my skills to heal but I will always have moments of anger, fear, sadness and lots of other emotions.

Healing and thriving isn’t black or white either. Imagine that!!

I have entered the thriver arena and I’m cheering loudly. Not only for myself but for others. I am officially a cheerleader in that arena.

No, I will never be over it but the past doesn’t hurt as much nor is it controlling my life in the same way it had been.

I’m so excited to move forward in my new found truth!


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