I Turn Pain Into Power

I’ve learned by telling my story that Sex/Sexual Assault is still such a taboo subject and my goal is to be more open about it. It NEEDS to be talked about. It NEEDS light shed on it. How do you think survivors feel?? We feel lost in the darkness of it. We feel alone. We feel ashamed.

I speak my truth. I speak my truth even if my voice shakes!

It’s been 10 years since I was sexually assaulted and I will not be silent! I will not be silent.

To say that my police report going no where didn’t upset me would be a lie. However it was very empowering to tell my story and to speak my truth and name him for what he is… a rapist. I’ll never get the justice I deserve but I fight for all survivors and I know even though he won’t see the inside of a jail cell.. I told my story even though my voice shaked. I stand with all survivors! We are more than what happened to us. I turn my pain into power!

I. Turn. Pain. Into. Power.

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