Get Sexy For Yourself!!

img_8464Sometimes I just love doing complete body self-care, clean shaven, great smelling lotion all over my body, putting on a sexy dress, lighting some candles and loving the heck out of my sexy self. That’s my take on healing and loving myself and my body again. Today it feels so freeing and healing.

I’m telling myself that I am capable of love, of loving and being loved in return. I am capable of being sexy and not feeling dirty. I am capable of all good things. I am Mrs. W and I deserve all good things.

One year ago I lost my grandma. Tonight I am getting together with my sister friend to watch happy and sad movies and to bond and heal. I decided instead of dressing in pajamas, I was going to put on some make up, dress up and strut my stuff. Why? Because it makes ME feel good and worthy.


Katie Butterfly


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