It’s official! I’m going back on Seroquel and dumping these medications that are messing with my mental health. I was stabilized for over 10 years on my cocktail. The last few months have been anything but stable and I’m over it. The Seroquel is the best thing for my mental health.

Now I’ve just got to get into a schedule of exercise and eating healthier. All things I have been planning to do anyway.

Hoping things finally start to look up again. Here’s to a healthier me!

❤ Katie Butterfly

One Reply to “Welcome Back Seroquel”

  1. Good for you for trying another med. Having a mental challenge is not easy. There’s no one magic pill, therapy, or coping mechanism. Often our bodies adapt to a medicine and it performs differently over time.
    So kudos to you Katie for considering another medicine. Maybe it didn’t work but you will try to cope and never give up! Kudos!!

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