Got Meds? Medication Change Update

I saw my psych med person earlier this week. I told her how I feel I’ve been overly medicated and was finally honest about how much I was really sleeping because of my medication cocktail. I also told her how amazing it is to feel slightly human again. It’s hard to explain the foggy/groggy feeling unless you’ve been there. She gave the go ahead to decrease my seroquel dosage again in a couple weeks. I also was given the OK to wean off the prazosin and use on an as needed basis only.
I felt so heard and validated!
I saw my therapist this week too and she thinks I’m doing wonderful. She’s proud of how brave and strong I am and for how I’m forging my own path in life in a very healthy way!
Here’s to my continued journey of Becoming Katie Butterfly!!


  1. I wrote a long note to you this morning, but some where it went into cyberspace. You helped me with your choice of words to describe yourself.
    I then chose a mantra for myself. Be Kind, Be happy, Be loved, because love is the virtue that can heal all wounds. You are love Katie Butterfly.
    Thanks for you healing words.

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    • Hi Rita! I am so glad that my words could be helpful to you. I love the mantra you chose! ❤


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