Update On My Depression

So, last night, I took a nice hot bath and washed my hair. Today, I put on nice clothes (I’m going back to work tonight) and I straightened my hair as well as doing my make-up. I feel better about myself.

I also, heard back from my doctor. We are increasing the abilify. If it gets worse, I’ll have to go off it and back on the Seroquel, but figure out a way to stop gaining so much weight.

I put together a short video.


I’m continuing to hang in there and do what I can to make myself feel better.


  1. I kind of like the part where Trouble Kitty bombed your video!
    Hang in there. Once the meds are straightened out things will look up!

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  2. Have you ever been on Latuda. It’s weight neutral meaning it generally doesn’t cause weight gain and is very successful in treating Bipolar Depression. May work well worth BPD. Not sure. Have to have a good insurance or medicaid cuz is very expensive. I have very few side effects on it. I’m going back on it. Just started last week. Gained 20 lbs in 6 months on Lithium and Seroquel. Anyway, just a thought. Everybody reacts differently on meds.

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