Iced Coffee and a Good Book

I needed to get out of my apartment. I knew if I stayed I’d end up spending the whole day in bed.

Yesterday I bought myself a new shirt that called out to me… seriously, it’s a graphic tee with three butterflies that symbolize their growth. Remind you of anyone?! 😜 They had a BOGO half off sale so I ended up getting a shirt for my friend to go in a care package I was putting together…

Anyway, I decided to walk to the post office (because exercise is great too!) to mail it out and then walked to my new favorite coffee shop for an iced coffee and the opportunity to be able to start reading a book I’ve been excited about! The Art of Breaking Things by Laura Sibson. I had saw it being recommended in the Book Page magazines we get at work and asked if it could be added to the collection. It was ordered and put on hold for me and I’m just now getting a real chance to start it.

I picked it because I love YA books that deal with mental health or other social issues. This one is about sexual abuse. I find these types of books to be empowering and healing for me.

So, that’s where I’m at. Out of bed, at a coffee shop, finishing up this blog post so I can pick the book back up and read some more before ending back home.

Ps. Here is a picture of the shirt I found. Did you guess the meaning yet?!

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