Nothing Changes Except What Has To

Change. I really hate change. It’s hard letting go of the known, and entering a world of unknowns.
My life has taken another turn and I’m forced to deal with a change I don’t want to. Part of me is fighting God on this and the other part of me is saying “Let’s see what new good things are in store for me.”

Nothing changes except what has to.

It’s true – change really really sucks and I don’t know if I’ll ever be over this. But, I believe that this is happening for a reason and someday I’ll look back and say “Ah ha, that makes sense!”
In the mean time I’ll continue to look back at the past and all I was taught and put it towards making an even better life for myself.
I’m again reminded to have faith. Faith in the unknown and to be OK with these life’s changes.
You’ll still find me crying and grieving for what I’m losing but you will also find me embracing and celebrating the new. How that balance will work out – I’m still figuring that out.
I just think how lucky I have been to know someone who was so hard to say goodbye to.

Nothing changes but what has to, so here I am doing my best to move along with the change or risk getting left behind.

Any words of encouragement from my followers would be very wonderful to receive!


  1. You have come a long way. And as we travel through our journey ,changes to have to be made otherwise we could not move forward. You are stronger now. You have more tools to work with. A larger network of supporters. They have your back and all love you!

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