My Past Does Not Define Me

Yes, I am a survivor of many things. Depression, anxiety, self-harm, Borderline Personality, rape and PTSD. But, that is not who I am.

I am Katie Butterfly. I have come through much darkness and into the light.

I have turned into a beautiful young woman. I love with all my heart, I enjoy many things, and I’m just me. I’m not always perfect, but, that just makes me human.

I cannot be defined by labels. I’m not my BPD – it’s a condition I have.

I am not a whore, homewrecker, slut, victim or any of those things. Sexual abuse is what happened to me. It does not define me.

Who is Katie Butterfly?

A energetic, loving, empowering young woman.

I’m a wife and a pet momma.

I love animals, movies, aroma therapy, talking to people and being the best Katie I can be.

Don’t let the labels people try to put on you define you. You are you. And you are a beautiful human being. 

All my love,

Katie Butterfly

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