Don’t Judge A Book By The Cover

As a library worker this title seemed fitting. I’m just writing this as a reminder for us all. Sometimes, you can judge a book by it’s cover, but only sometimes.

Take a look at me. For the most time I seem like a bouncy person. Taking selfies, socializing, writing my blog and generally being a social butterfly. The fact is that even though that is true, I feel like I’m putting  on that face so people don’t see what’s hidden beneath it.

Beneath that happy bubbly gal is someone who has been used, abused and hurt in many ways through the years and my trust level is very low. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. I didn’t have many friends, grew up to be a loner and most of the time I still am because I can’t trust that people could really like me.

While this is all true, I have been working hard to find the balancing act. Being able to be the person I was born to be and still allow myself to have my bad days, because, trust me, we all have them!

This blog is kind of all over the place, like my mood right now.

Let’s remember we are all human and all have our positives and negatives to us. And let’s try to judge that book by what’s in the inside!


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