When Life Hands You A Pile of Suck…

…you just gotta wallow in it.

Okay, bear with me a moment. Imagine you have been medicated for nearly 10 years and never got the chance to really “ride the emotions” and heal from life’s trauma.

Now, imagine some of the worst news you could possibly be hit with. Something expected yet knocks you flat on your buttocks.

Last week I finally got the long anticipated call from the detective on my case. As I suspected the statute of limitations had passed a long time ago. None the less I was bombarded with emotions. I sobbed, I If-and-but-ed the situation, I got mad, etcetera.
My emotions come and go and can be summed up with a whole pile of suck.
In my case, for now, I’m letting me feel these waves of emotions. It is important for me to experience them so I can heal.
This is all new to me. Part of becoming Katie Butterfly is going through a darkness I have never met before.
Feel free to check out my initial reaction video

When life hands you a big pile of suck, you wallow in it, you embrace it and you come out better for it…

Becoming Katie Butterfly!!!

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