Joyful Heart Foundation Revolution Gala

Tonight is the Joyful Heart Foundation JoyfulRevolution Gala and even though I cannot be there in person, my heart is full of joy. This foundation and Mariska Hargitay helped give me the strength to speak up, tell my story and be heard. Although I would still love to meet her and tell her this in person I now know that I don’t need her to completely heal, I don’t have to go to NYC to find closure. I have it all around me. And in discovering my local validating and empowering team I have come to realize my experience can help others. The last couple months I have taken great strides in my journey. I have done a radio interview telling parts of my story, I run my blog Becoming Katie Butterfly and soon I’ll be doing some local volunteering. Whether it’s answering phones at a local center or being on the scene to help a victim in need, I know no act is too small. I’ve realize that I can make a difference in my small part of the world. 👌👊💪


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