Being An Advocate How You Can Is Okay

So, my heart has wanted to do more for victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. I really wanted to be an on the scene victim advocate, and I even met with someone today to potentionally do a trial run of it. But, my heart has been heavy. I don’t feel I am emotionally ready. Just thinking about it has left me anxious. I hope some day in my future I will be able to do what these wonderful people do as victim advocates, but after listening to others advice and listening to my own voice in my head, I have decided to put even the trial run on hold. I’m doing so much better, but I fear something like this would be too much and I know I would be no good to anyone if I can’t even handle myself. In the mean time, I am going to continue blogging on Becoming Katie Butterfly and hope to help others this way, or in other ways at the PDC And Family Center. I also know no act is too small! So, it is okay to be an advocate, and I encourage it, but I also know I have to take care of me.

In the mean time, I shall continue running this blog and hope I can reach out to somebody who needs it.

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  1. When we have been through abuse, the sting takes a while to die down. Those who have been abused are the best facilitators to those who are coming out of abuse later on.
    You are wise to know where your heart is. Healing is gradual. If we step from abuse to facilitator too soon and the the pain is too fresh, we risk relapse behaviour ourselves. But when the time is right, there is no better or stronger person help than the one who has been through it and is fully reconciled it in their soul.

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