She Never Gives Up

“She” is you and she rocks!

I went to the store to pick up a prescription and decided to look around a little. I was looking at all the different jewelry and found some on clearance called “She Rocks.” I found a lot of ones I liked but this one really spoke to me. I’ve gone through depression and mental health issues, I tried to give up, but I couldn’t. I’ve been through various traumas and I’ve chosen to never give up.
I’ve seen different online ads for this company where you can hand pick a word for yourself. With this necklace I picked up today, I chose the phrase “she never gives up.”
So right now as I’m faced with unfair challenges and changes I don’t want to go through, I choose to not give up. I choose to use these challenges to better myself and hopefully others, too.
Now I want you (yes you who is reading this) to come up with a word or phrase to apply to your life. I encourage you to write it down, do something with it, embrace it.

I never give up.


  1. I like how you are surviving and helping others through you mental health messages.
    You inspire me and many others too.
    I would like a necklace that would say “Support Mental Health” yours is very cool.
    Gentle as a butterfly ☺️

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