I am still Becoming Katie Butterfly

I’ve hit a rough patch in my healing journey. The news about my rapist getting off scotch free was a punch in the gut.
And all of social media is full of news of this and that report and there’s always the fight between those who believe survivors and those who don’t and everything in between. As a survivor I just can’t take these triggers on top of trying to deal with my own recovery from being raped.
I’m going to try to do away with some social media, and try to go on other ones less often. It’s just too much. Too much negativity and fighting. Somewhere in all this political and personal beliefs people have forgotten about loving each other. My heart can’t take it. I’ve been very blessed to have been believed and supported by all the people that I have. But, it makes me sad to see all the hate towards fellow survivors. And like maybe I don’t deserve the support I’ve gotten. I know that’s a lie, but right now my emotional mind is telling me that it’s the truth.
I’m so glad that I leave Thursday to go on our annual camping trip to the Porcupine Mountains. This trip is much needed. I am soul searching. Sometimes you have to lose yourself in order to find yourself!
Tonight I took a bath bomb bath, tried to relax and to remember that this too will pass and it will teach me so many more valuable life lessons.
I don’t know who quoted this but it’s just what I need right now.

God can turn any mess into a message, any test into a testimony, any trial into a triumph, and any victim into a victor.”

As you can see, I have made much progress but I never “arrive.”

I am still Becoming Katie Butterfly 🦋

Feel free to leave me comments. The cool thing is you don’t even have to register, or even give me your real name. I don’t need to know who you are I just need to know that I’m supported and people care!


  1. I wish you didn’t have to go through this. It is so hard. There are so many triggers because of the news media. They thrive on the stuff it’s l news. I have an application on my phone and I can’t even hardly read the titles for the Articles anymore they’re always dealing with wife beatings child rape ins things that I can’t stand to read.

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  2. Great quote Katie, hang on, you are a very important person to many, excluding me. Go have a good vacation and may God be close to you every minute. Rita

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