My Favorite Forms of Self-Care

Hello to my loyal followers!!

I know I’ve done quite a few posts on self-care but it’s so important to me so here’s another one! 🙂

Lavender Oils and Baths. I try to use my diffuser every day and take baths as needed! It’s just so relaxing.

Tea and other soothing hot liquids. I like to enjoy a good cup of hot beverages in meaningful mugs.

Using steaming services to watch TV or movies. Thank you Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime for giving me the opportunities to watch some of my favorite stuff.

Listening to power anthems. One of my favorite things to do is put my headphones on and hit the sidewalk for what I call power anthem exercise! I have a playlist of work out songs and I blast the ones that really speak to me in a way that gives me an empowering feeling! It has me feeling great in no time.

Spending time with family and friends. I love to just get out and socialize. The past few months seeing my nephew is self-care and as he gets older it will only get better. I also love just staying home with my partner and our two cats.

Getting lost in a good book. Enough said there! Books are a great escape!

That is all I got for now. How about you? What do you love doing? Do you have some good power anthems or soothing techniques to recommend? Let’s talk self-care. See you in the comments! 🙂


  1. One of my favorite home treatments is to trigger my human emotions through cathartic film viewing. First I watch a sad film ( about puppie, horses, maybe an older drama) and CRY. Careful- don’t use anything with triggers.
    Second, I watch a favorite comedy! And laugh. You may be exhausted but feel redirected.

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