May is Mental Health Awareness Month…

and borderline personality disorder awareness month!

I struggle with BPD and several other mental health issues and May will be 10 years since my last suicide attempt. I’m planning to share my story with you all during the next month or so.

I also want to share other survivor stories. If you have or are struggling with mental health issues and want to share your story with my followers please send me an email at You can use your real name, an alias, whatever you are comfortable with! Together we can help end the stigma and help others see they aren’t alone!!

Have a fantastic Monday!!

One comment

  1. Hi Katie! During the month of May I will be sharing some new content and republishing some old content on my blog on my own mental health journey/mental health in general. Feel free to share along…there are stigmas associated with men and mental health issues, as well as Christianity and mental health issues, so I hope to help end those stigmas.


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