“If Things Don’t Get Better, I Don’t Want To Be Around.”

“If things don’t get better I don’t want to be around.”
I’ve heard these words a lot in my life. They are also words I’ve said and felt myself. That was before I knew there was sun after the storm. That the darkness doesn’t last forever.
In the times of my great distress I didn’t think or see that things could or would ever get better.
And I tried not to be around. I didn’t want to exist. I didn’t think others wanted me to either.
I was blind and selfish. In my pain, I couldn’t see beyond that. I’m not going to go on about this, just getting to the point of my blog.
I learned that the darkness doesn’t last forever and that good things happen.
I’ve had a tough couple years. It seems like one thing after another happened, but even then I knew the bad times wouldn’t last forever. And they didn’t. Things are pretty up and down but that’s life. So, I’m here to tell you that the bad times don’t last forever, and I do want you around. You are rare and only you can contribute to life the way you do!!

Xo, Katie Butterfly

About katiebutterfly🦋

I'm 29 years young. Married to my best friend Jeff. Love our beautiful black and white kitties - Bunny and Trouble. I love my job at the library. I love music, books and just life experience! I'm a survivor of sexual abuse and mental illness. I'm an advocate and a voice for those who have not yet found theirs! I am also in the process of growing my wings and becoming a beautiful butterfly - Katie Butterfly.

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  1. Advanced Research Technology

    There are these low times we all go through in our lives. Probably not a one of us has not felt at one time or another that we would rather just forego the pain. However, you are right. It doesn’t end there. We learn. We rise. We are better for it. Best of all, life is built on these successes.

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