Let Freedom Fly – My Butterfly Experience

Today I had the most incredible experience and I just have to share with my followers!

I know I’ve posted before about our local zoo having a butterfly exhibit. Today my family was at the park/zoo area having a picnic for the 4th and I knew about them doing a butterfly release. We were able to go, but I never thought it would be the experience it was…

They released about 54 monarchs today and out of all of them, two stuck around due to their wings not being quite ready. One of them (I named Jill) got handled and awed by my whole family and Jack (the other one) was passed on to me by a couple that were ready to pass on the experience. My sister and I held Jack and Jill until we were ready to leave the park. Their wings were not quite ready for full flight so I left them in a tree to rest and strengthen their wings.

It felt like a once in a lifetime experience to see first hand the miracle of the caterpillar/butterfly transference. It’s one thing to know the feeling of living through absolute darkness into true beauty but another to see it come to life.

Jack and Jill got their wings and by now are sure to be off on to new adventures. I’m still Becoming Katie Butterfly but my wings get stronger every day and soon I will be ready to take full flight into a new life.

How appropriate that on Independence Day I got the chance to see what true independence is all about.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the family that raises these monarchs, sets them free and let people experience the joy and miracle of it!

Enjoy the pictures of my experience and I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!!

All my love – Katie Butterfly

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