7.11.19 – The Day I Met LeAnn Rimes

In April I hit the road with my friend, Johanna to see LeAnn Rimes, however the shows got postponed. We were able to go to one of the rescheduled shows last week. And, yes, there will be pictures. 😛

I just want to start out saying that it was such an honor to be with my friend while she got to visit with her biggest inspiration.

I found out a couple days before that my friend had gotten meet and greet for me for my belated birthday. I was stoked but it definitely took a while to really sink in. It became real when I saw LeAnn for the first time, I was trying not to spaz out, so I ended up tapping Johanna’s shoulder, whispering “There she is!!” 😀

My friend hugged her right away and when she went to shake my hand, I was like “Can I hug you?” and I did. I hugged LeAnn Rimes. She even wished me a belated happy birthday. She signed my autograph, we posed for a picture or two and that part was over. It honestly didn’t totally sink in until I got the pictures.

The concert itself was amazing. She can really sing and I loved the interaction between her and the audience. It was truly an incredible night.

And now for the pictures.

Johanna and I hanging out the day of the show
The Excitement Was Real
Tour Bus
She signed it “Katie Butterfly” for me

7.11.19 is a day I will never forget!

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