Summer Loving, Fundraiser & New Support Group

Happy Hump Day!

Today’s blog post will be a mixture of things… my most recent summer fun, a new t-shirt fundraiser (benefiting the Family Center.), and a new support group on my Facebook page

First off: Recent summer fun. Saturday night after surviving really bad thunderstorms I went with my friend to a local fair type event. We ate bad-for-you-but-oh-so-good food and watching a band play. As we were getting ready to leave, they started to sing Poker Face by Lady Gaga. I immediately got excited and said “Let’s stay for this one, I’ll explain later!” The reason being is that song is a trigger song that I turned into a power anthem. It was such an empowering experience!!! Sunday I took a walk in the neighborhood. Then yesterday I did a little self-care… I went to the new coffee shop in town and enjoyed a cold coffee and then went to see The Lion King in 3D, I started out alone but my best friend joined me. It was definitely a nostalgic moment!

The Fundraiser: I relaunched the t-shirt fundraiser and added a few different options. The shirts have my logo on them and some of the money goes towards The Family Center. Buy a shirt, and support me as well as victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Link is at the top of this post.

Facebook Group: I’ve had a facebook page for awhile and I’ve been trying to post more on there, and today I created a Support Group for those who want to have a safe place to chat. Again, links are up above.

Thanks for reading and for all the support I’ve been shown.

Enjoy your Wednesday!!

❤ Katie Butterfly

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