2017 Year In Review

As I get ready to bid 2017 farewell and say hello to 2018 I wanted to write a year in review blog post.

I am going to be sharing some pictures from through-out the year.

2017 was a year of struggles, growth, healing, new found strength, loss and finding out who I am and where I want to be in life.

Here is to more growth and healing in 2018.

♥Katie Butterfly



Holding my sister-in-law’s snake




Visiting the Giraffes in Omaha


Meeting my internet friend Tracy and her daughter Molly
Bunny “gave” me this Mother’s Day Card
Jeff and I just enjoying life together
4th of July Weekend
Our First Camp Out together
“Here’s to many more years of Blizzards, Grape Slushies and happiness!” Our wedding anniversary
Meeting up with a classmate I hadn’t seen in years
My cousin became Mrs. Hanlon
My First Ferry Ride
Overcoming Anxiety and Fear to Enjoy a Concert in the Park
The bunnies at the fair


Porkies Trip
Porkies Trip
Visiting with a family friend
I made Thanksgiving Dinner for Jeff and I for the first time.


My Achievement Award

 I was chosen to be ODC’s 2017 Personal Achievement Award recipient for my area. It was such an honor to have been nominated twice now and to have been picked to receive this award.

About katiebutterfly🦋

I'm 29 years young. Married to my best friend Jeff. Love our beautiful black and white kitties - Bunny and Trouble. I love my job at the library. I love music, books and just life experience! I'm a survivor of sexual abuse and mental illness. I'm an advocate and a voice for those who have not yet found theirs! I am also in the process of growing my wings and becoming a beautiful butterfly - Katie Butterfly.

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