Take Responsibility For Your Wellness

Some Tuesday thoughts.

Lately I’ve been very angry about one of my life saving medications for ruining my life. Seroquel. The one that knocks me out at night (after I eat myself to sleep) and then I have to inhale a lot of caffeine to counteract the sedation. The one I’ve been on for over ten years because it helps stabilize my moods. The one I tried to go off of a year and a half ago with almost deadly consequences.

I’ve been angry because I’ve been blaming it’s side effects for my being fat and having high cholesterol. The fact is… I know what the side effects are and I’ve been using them as an excuse to use junk food as comfort food and to just give in to the insane cravings. And, yes, unless you take something like this, you have no idea just what it does to the brain…

But, it’s time I take responsibility for my life and for my health. It’s time to let seroquel help my mental health but not harm my physical health.

Last year I started eating more complex foods and ditching the processed junk. I was starting to make progress. I lost some weight and was able to get the night binges intro control… then winter came and I fell off that wagon and returned to old behaviors.

My goal is to return to the healthier diet and turn it into a life style as well as to lose some weight. I really need to work at bringing my cholesterol levels down. And just being a healthier person over all.

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s time for me to take responsibility for my health and wellness.

These are my Tuesday Thoughts.

***and I’m always looking for people to help support me.

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  1. I’ve also gained a lot of weight on Seroquel, although two of my other meds are probably contributing too. I was able to lose some weight by following a healthier diet, but my depression makes me so apathetic that I just didn’t care enough to put in the effort to continue with it.

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