How Do You Self Care?

Self care. Self care is so important to maintaining a healthy mental state of mind.

It can be something small, something big or something in the middle.

My daily self care usually consists of taking my meds, drinking water, remembering to eat something, getting enough sleep. Things I need to do on the daily to help keep my mind in a healthy place.

You’ll often times find me doing things I enjoy. Watching my shows. Reading my books. Listening to music. I love aroma therapy and snuggling with my security items. I feel safe and happy.

And then every once in a while you will see me spurge on things like getting my hair and nails done.

This week I did both! The past few months have been extremely tough and I was in need of some major self care. I got my nails and hair done. And it feels AMAZING!!

And tomorrow I’m headed to visit my relatives I haven’t seen for awhile.

This week has been pretty great!

Positive vibes!

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