Taking Back My Life Never Felt So Good


The 7 Year Anniversary of my rape is quickly approaching. The past 3 years, since remembering what happened to me, I have spent trying to come to terms with it, and take back my life.

This month will be the most important step of them all. A big step, I never saw myself taking.

I reached out to some local woman’s center’s for domestic violence and sexual abuse. I will be doing a radio interview and telling part of my story. Speaking out. Taking his power away. And letting others know that they are not alone. I’m nervous, but feel so empowered. And can’t wait to share more with you.

Taking back one’s life is a process but it gets easier as we do it.


Katie Butterfly




  1. The natural instinct at first, is to both hide away from and hide the abuse we have suffered. However, this entraps us in it. You are doing the right thing. By releasing it, you are releasing yourself from it.

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  2. Katie – how awesome you are turning this anniversary into a positive. Something that will hopefully make you look back on and say that is the day I re gained my power. That is the day my attacker did not have any more power over me. You will be great 🙂 xx

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