Love Letter to Myself

Dear Katie Butterfly,
You are such an incredibly person. So kind and brave. You have been through a lot but you haven’t let that stop you from fighting and keep moving forward.
10 years ago you were barely surviving high school. You were depressed and suicidal all the time. But some how you still decided to hang in there and fight.
6-7 years ago, you were really sick, barely functioning, not yourself at all. And yes, **** took advantage of you, and that’s just what it is. You were in no position to consent, or to even know what you wanted. And he was aware of that.
Even after all that, you still decided to keep fighting and you did what you had to do to keep on living and to start thriving in life. Getting stable, letting unconditional love into your life, and a job you put everything into.
Yes, 3 years ago, what **** did to you all came back and you have had to be so brave to face these things and to heal once and for all.
And, I can’t believe all the progress you have made in the last 3 years. You are such a brave fighter. I don’t think you will ever let anything keep you down forever.
And you have the biggest heart of all, you are so kind to others, I’m pretty sure there is no room for hate in your heart.

I really look up to you.
And I love you, a lot. And your husband does too!
Love KatieButterfly

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