Happy New Year

Happy 2023 to my followers! I never make New Year Resolutions because I never seem to stick with them. However, I’ve realized that I miss keeping up with this blog so I hope to start updating it more!

I tend to always struggle more right around the New Year. And that was true again this year. I had some major triggers happen in December that led to a relapse in my BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) thoughts combined with nearly not getting important medication refills in time (my fault for not paying closer attention). Thankfully it all worked out and my moods seem to be better.

It was definitely a good reminder that even when I seem to not need medication, that it’s because of the medication that I’m doing so well. My DBT skills definitely are important but without the medication I’m not in a mindset to use them.

I’m thankful to be doing better again. Here’s to navigating the best 2023 I can!

💜 Katie Butterfly

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