It’s Christmas Eve Eve!

Happy Holidays to all my followers! I’ve definitely abandoned this blog lately and would really like to get back to it!

The last several months have been challenging! As mentioned in the previous post I lost my grandpa and cousin (paternal grandpa and maternal cousin). The grief from that was challenging enough but major work changes were happening too!

I’ve spent the last few months navigating those changing and for fun… I have play dates with my nephew (almost 3) and niece (4 months) I can’t even express how much I love those little stinkers! Auntie life truly is the best life!

It’s been touch and go when it comes to my advocacy and attending support group but I went to our Christmas celebration last night and it was really nice to be around other survivors who understand!

I also got to see the quilt I helped make for Sexual Assault Awareness Month! It made me feel glad to be a part of that! Life gets the best of me but an advocate I’ll always be!

I believe you

I look forward to getting back to this blog!

Happy Holidays!!

💜Katie Butterfly

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