Becoming Katie Butterfly

Today I had the most incredible experience. A co-worker brought in some monarch caterpillars for the children’s department desk. I named the first one Katie… as my blog name is Becoming Katie Butterfly… this morning when I came into work. She had become a butterfly.

I got to let her fly away. It was the best thing ever.

She was scared at first, we put a flower in the net basket. She went on it, and I held the flower until she got the courage to fly away. So awesome.

I’ve never seen one that close up before.

She seemed scared so I said “it’s ok Katie, you have wings now. You can fly.” And she did. She found her courage and flew high into the sky!

It was a message from God reminding me of my courage. That I’ve come out of the darkness and that I can do it!!

It’s OK Katie. You have your wings now and you can fly!

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