Attitudes Are Contagious – Is Yours Worth Catching?

Food for thought.

I usually try to have the best attitude possible. Be upbeat, uplifting, encouraging, inspiring, caring, loving – all those things.
I’ve noticed lately though that my attitude downright sucks. Maybe it’s the mood swings from my current medication change. But, I’ve noticed that I complain way more than I should. I’m cranky over stupid stuff. And my attitude towards myself is more negative than I would like it to be.
So, starting right now I am aware of it and am working on a much better attitude towards myself as well as others. I want to continue to be the upbeat, uplifting, encouraging and inspiring person I know I can be. I want people to look at me and say “Wow. I love her energy. I love her attitude towards life. I love how she treats people.”
I want to start epidemics of happy, uplifting, wonderful people.
How about you? Is your attitude worth catching?
I’m still on my way to becoming Katie Butterfly!
Love, hugs and all the positive energy to you!!

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