Purpose For The Pain

I have known for a long time that all my pain had a purpose. That I have gone through everything I have so that I could learn to use it to help others.
I have known that this is my calling in life for a long time now.
I have blogged in the past about wanting to becoming a victim advocate. And, that is still a passion of mine.
I have started doing some training so that I can volunteer at The Family Center. All volunteers are required to watch webinars to get some form of training and earn certificates. It’s been very very eye opening for me. I’ve not only learned a lot about myself but I’ve learned a lot about others and better ways to deal with certain things.
So far I have earned 5. Very rewarding but it was also pretty intense and brought up issues with me that I didn’t realize were there. It’s been a very good experience. I have taken a break from the webinars to work on my own journey. There is no rush. I’m doing what I’m meant to do and I’m doing it at a pace that feels good for me.
I’m not sure where I’m headed in this journey yet. Will I just do my blogging? Will I become a victim advocate? Will I do something else? Right now, it’s anyone’s guess, but I know I’m going in the right direction!
I know that healing begins when someone bears witness. I want to be that person for those who need it most!

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