Butterfly Perspective

2019 was the summer of the butterflies… and 2020 ended up being… well the summer of disappointments. Everything I was looking forward to ended up being canceled and it was just a weird summer period. Depression was starting to show up. I knew I needed to make some changes in my day to day life.

So, I’ve been looking to try new things as well as old hobbies I enjoy. I’ve also been focusing on connecting with others in whatever way I can.

I signed up for a virtual run/walk/roll fundraiser that ODC was doing. ODC is the organization that helped me find my permanent job (and provides job coaching for me too!)

Yesterday they had a community meet up at the zoo that I was more than happy to join!

Afterwards I decided to go in the zoo and I ended up seeing my butterfly friend at the exhibit. I’ve been sad because I really missed the butterfly releases of 2019. My friend was releasing a few of the butterflies. It was a chillier day and so they weren’t too anxious to fly off. Which meant I got to make some new friends.

Butterflies always seem to put things back in perspective for me. And, I remember, that just like butterflies, I have to go through some dark times before I can experience something even better. This year has been hard but something better is on its way!

Thank you, butterflies, for the love and much needed perspective!

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