Summer of the Monarch Butterflies

Summer of 2019 is one to be remembered and treasured. I spent most of my days doing little things around town, day trips and even meeting LeAnn Rimes. But, the thing that will be treasured most is the time I spent getting to know Monarch Butterflies and the wonderful family that raises them.

Butterflies have been my symbol of hope, empowerment and inspiration since I lost my grandma in 2015. For years my nickname was Katie Bug. After my grandma passed away, butterflies suddenly became important to me. I found out my grandma had loved butterflies.

My old blog got re-named “Becoming Katie Butterfly” to symbolize my healing journey from rape victim to survivor to thriver. I started this blog shortly after for a place for me to share my thoughts, and experiences, as well as others who have chosen to share.

This summer, I learned about Marshfield Monarchs, a family that raises monarchs and releases them. They had an exhibit at the zoo and I got first hand experience with the butterflies. I’ve become quite a pro… to the point that I was trusted to take some of the monarchs to share with my support group!

From Jack and Jill (the Monarchs from my first release) to getting to know the family, to learning more about Monarchs, it truly was the Summer of the Monarch Butterflies.

Thank you Marshfield Monarchs. You made all the difference in my life this summer!

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