Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

I wanted to do an update on how my diet changes have been going.

So far, I’ve been pretty successful at cutting out the refined foods and eating more nutritious foods. I’ve also been pretty successful at controlling the night binges. I still have cheats days/meals. I just can’t completely give it up. But, I’m definitely getting more nutrients in me and the binge episodes are so much less frequent.

I’m trying to stay mindful of my main goal… Nutrients over counting calories. Overall health over rapid weight loss. My eating disordered mind will try to chime in and I’ll tell it to can it!

I’m looking forward to seeing my medication NP and hearing her thoughts on the changes I’m making.

I’m also working on gaining more confidence, finding my own kind of beauty. Finding the balance and embracing who I am.

Take home message: Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful!


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