Changes… Changes… Changes…

Hello there followers!

I’ve really been struggling with my mental health the last few months especially my BPD and it’s definitely been a hurry up and wait type deal.

I had my thyroid tested and it was extremely hyper so I ended up having to come off my adderall. I also had a genetics test done for my psych meds and am now coming off my antidepressant and going on a new one…

Lots of changes… Oh, did I mention the therapist I’ve been seeing for the last 15+ years is retiring in June…

And with my BPD acting up, a person could look at me wrong and I’d be like “sorry for existing!”

It’s been interesting for sure but one day at a time!

My story STILL isn’t over!

Remember you are not alone in this!!

Love, KatieButterfly

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