Perfectly Imperfect

*Trigger Warning for Eating Disorders*

I’m not sure when I became the person who felt fat and ugly in every picture. There was the part of me that always felt fat even when I was skinny… but then the pounds added one by one and I became someone I no longer recognized. My mind and body did a complete 180. My mental health got better and my weight/physical help got worse.

It’s been a challenge battling the old Eating Disordered thoughts. I’m fat. I’m ugly. I’m this. I’m that.

Today as I was shopping I found some leggings that completely screamed my name. Bright colored with butterflies and with the bell bottom flare (I’m an oldies girl) So, in the cart they went!

I came home, tried them on and felt a little bit of confidence. I decided to do a mini photo shoot. And I found a bit more confidence that has been hiding!

I’m perfectly imperfect!

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