Thankful November – Day 1-13

November is a time to reflect on life’s blessings. As usual I am running behind schedule.

Here are 13 things I have thankful for!

1. My Health. Physically I have stayed healthy and my mental health has been stable (knock on wood)

2. Family. If it wasn’t for my family I don’t think I’d get through this year. 2020 has taught me about my priorities and my having a relationship with my family is at the top. I spent a good chunk of my life angry, depressed and feeling like I didn’t belong. We have a great relationship now and spending time with them (especially my nephew) is so important to me.

3. My Hubby (and our cats) – I’m so thankful for them. I especially enjoyed getting a chance to spend more time with him this year. We drove each other crazy but we also got the chance to just hang out.

4. My job. When I temporarily lost my job earlier this year I realized just how important it is to me. The money is nice (of course) but I need a purpose, a reason to get up, opportunities to see people. My job provides all those things. I’ve learned not to take it for granted.

5. Technology for my therapy. It’s not always fun having to do my appointments via teleconference but it’s better than not having a connection at all.

6. New friendships. I’ve had the chance to get to know the daughter of my bonus parents. Texting back and forth and even sending letters!

7. Books! I’m always thankful for books. They are always a nice escape from reality.

8. Beautiful local parks. I spent a lot of time this year just walking and exploring local parks.

9. Photography. I have enjoyed exploring more with hobby photography. Nature, my doll collections.

10. Butterflies. They have such a special meaning to me and a great reminder that the darkness doesn’t last forever!

11. Rocks. I have loved finding random rocks when out walking and they always bring a little joy into my life. I’m thankful for all the talented artists especially my friend Melissa who painted me the special monarch butterfly!

12. Gorgeous weather. I’m always thankful for gorgeous weather and I was certainly blessed with it last week.

13. My nephew. I did one for my family but he gets his own. I’m so incredibly grateful for this kid. He entered the world during a very dark time in my life and he truly has been my little light in the darkness. From holding him as a newborn to playing with him as a toddler. I’m so thankful that I can have a relationship with him.

What are you thankful for?

Love – KatieButterfly

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