I’m Feeling Thirty-Two

Yesterday was my birthday and it was one of the best ones I’ve ever had despite the current situation with Covid-19.
Instead of dwelling on the “weirdness” of this year, I’ve chosen to count my blessings.
All I wanted for my birthday was to spend it with my family. Spending time with my nephew is what I especially had in mind a few weeks ago.
Instead I ended up spending the day with my hubby. We’ve been taking advantage of the nicer weather and getting some exercise in and this is where we went yesterday!

I also spent the day “loving” and replying to all the birthday messages that were blowing up my phone.
I realized that I got to spend my birthday with family after all. How blessed I am to have so many people that cared enough to make my birthday special. I ended up forgetting all about the trauma I’ve been dealing with the past week or so. My focus was on celebrating the gift that I am to the world.
We ended the day with cake and watching movies. I even sang Happy Birthday to myself because that’s the kind of person I am!
Thank you to everyone that helped make it a special day!

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