Making the Most of Social Distancing

I figured it was time to do another post on here and since I have nothing but time right now seems to be a good time.

I have been temporarily laid off due to the shelter-in-place order by the governor. My last shift was an emotional one. My job isn’t just about the money but so much more. It was my first job I had after my mental health breakdown as well as being the longest job I’ve had. And having it was so good for my mental health. I will never take this job or any other for granted again. I can’t wait to be able to go back to work but I’m trying to enjoy my staycation the best I can.

I’ve done plenty of reading and watching shows. Laundry and other cleaning has been done. The weather has been getting warmer so it’s been great to get out and walk as well as snap some pictures.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month started yesterday and I’m usually I’m right on top of it, advocating and raising awareness. This year everything feels different… perhaps it’s because of everything going on in the world right now or maybe because this is my traumaversary of it all. I’m not sure. Being an advocate is something I’ll always be, and I’ll do it how I can when I can. Right now it feels right to just be me. I’m not always sure of who that even is. But, I want to use this time in finding out more about myself. Who am I when I’m not advocating for myself and other survivors? Who am I outside my customer service persona? Who am I?

And that my friends is what I plan to do with my free time!

Always Becoming Katie Butterfly


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