#Blogmas Time Is Here

I’m just now learning what Blogmas is and I’m excited to get in on it and post Christmas-themed things! I’m a day late but you know what they say… better late than never!

This evening, after work, I went to Walmart as nothing makes me feel better than unwinding by browsing all the different items.

I saw this tree and immediately knew it had to come home with me. Those who know me know how much of a purple fanatic I am!!

This is as far as I’ve gotten done decoration wise.

Tomorrow I will be sitting on the couch watching Christmas movies (Thank you Lifetime Movie Club!) So, stay tuned for a blog post on some of my favorites!

Happy Blogmas everyone!!

One comment

  1. Thanks Katie, I just signed up to Life Time Movies, but I don’t like to watch murder
    or violent movies. If you have a good recommendation please email me.
    Thanks again, I like your purple Christmas 🎄.

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