#Blogmas Day 3 – Holly Jolly Christmas @ODCInc Style

So, the Lifetime movie marathon didn’t happen today… because I’m getting a hair cut and going to a friend’s for supper. The movie afternoon will have to wait… so stay tuned!!

Friday night was the Christmas Party for ODC! And that’s always a great time! I got to do some dancing (where no one cares that I can’t dance!!!!) and visit with people I know including job coaches and case managers!

I always leave ODC events feeling better, feeling a purpose, feeling like I belong. You see, besides my mental health disabilities I have this thing called Dyspraxia that I’ve struggled with ever since I was a kid. It affects my fine and motor skills, my brain doesn’t always send the signals it should to the rest of my body… which can be so frustrating and leave me feeling like a failure. ODC helps me feel like I belong.

Here is an article that helps explain what I go through…

Thanks ODC for giving me connections and some hope! WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!!!

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