#Blogmas Day 4 – Have Yourself a Merry Monkmas

Have Yourself A Merry Monkmas


As I am waiting for my newest vlog to upload I decided to watch the Christmas episodes of one of my top favorite shows Monk.

Monk can always make me laugh and I love how it’s a detective show. If you have Amazon Prime it’s on there and you need to watch it, for real!!

Monk is a detective show about a detective (ex cop) who is a brilliant detective despite his severe OCD.

A Few of My Favorite Quotes

  • “Here’s What Happened.”

  • “It’s a Gift and a Curse.”

  • “Wipe!”

  • “You’ll Thank Me Later.”

  • “I Don’t Know How He Did It, But He Did It!”

  • “I Solved The Case!”

Seriously, if you’ve never seen it, check it out! You won’t regret it!





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