#GivingTuesday All Year Round

#GivingTuesday is upon us and I wanted to take the time to remind folks how important it is to not only donate money to organizations in need but to give of your time as well.

What is your passion in life? For me I am a survivor of sexual assault. I prefer to donate money to local Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Centers as well as donate my time.. all year round.

If you can’t afford to donate money… give in other ways. Money is always helpful but not the only ways to give. Look up local organizations of choice and see how you can give of your time. For me I volunteer my time in different ways that support The Family Center.

Organizations like The Family Center need help all year round. Want to make a difference? Pick an organization and commit to a year of raising awareness for, donating money or time, etc to the place you picked. They need the help all year round.

Feel great about making a difference in someone’s life. This is an added bonus, especially those who struggle with depression. You can help others and feel good about yourself!!

Other ideas. Choose a friend or person and dedicate the upcoming years to making a difference in their life.. keep it a secret or let them know.. it’s up to you!!

What will you choose for your project? I will be (again) choosing to support The Family Center by donating money when I can and giving of my time by volunteering at the Center as well as continue projects such as care packages as well as using my voice as I can.

I’d love to hear what you have chosen and what you have planned for the upcoming year!!

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