10 Year Work Anniversary

Remember that time I almost “graduated” from ODC services but then it didn’t quite happen?

Here’s a blog post to refresh your memory: https://becomingkatiebutterfly.com/2017/06/15/farewell-odc-its-been-

Fast forward to 2020. Thanks to Covid-19 I was forced to stop relying so much on all my safety nets and to really think about how much I’ve grown.

One weekend, about a month or so ago, I started to really reflect on the past 10 years. How I’ve learned to rely more on my natural supports instead of job coaches.

I realized just how strong and confident I’ve become. Monday marked the 10 year anniversary of my job at the library.

I started as a scared and insecure “little girl” that was still dealing with the aftermath of crippling mental health issues. And, from there (and many many hiccups later) I grew into a successful and confident young woman.

I battled through almost ruining the job opportunity, to learning not to run away from the uncomfortable. I also managed to get a promotion all while dealing with the aftermath of recalling my sexual assault.

I learned to adjust to major changes: like packing up a library and moving next door!

It’s been a journey and I fought so hard to become the person I am today. I have decided that now is the time for me to officially withdraw from ODC job coaching services.

Happy 10 years, Katie Butterfly, you truly are a warrior!!

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